How To Make Recurring Revenue With WordPress and Web Design
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How To Make Recurring Revenue With WordPress and Web Design

Today you’re going to learn how to make recurring revenue with WordPress and web design. Most of you who design websites are also trying to figure out how to make extra money.

When you design a website for a person, it’s typically a one-time thing. If you want to make more money, consider charging a thousand dollars for a website.

Maybe even charge two thousand dollars for a website. You want to figure out how to make more money, so today, we’re going to talk about seven ways to earn recurring revenue with WordPress and website design.

 Web Hosting ($25 per month)

Web Hosting
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Offer your clients Web Hosting. They may already use GoDaddy or something similar, but if not, you can provide your client with web hosting.

Tell them that you will host their website for them for a fee. Sign up to become an affiliate for that for whatever web hosting company you’re using.

It’s typically at the bottom of their web page it will say become an affiliate. You can sign up to become an affiliate and earn commissions from them.

Then you can host your clients’ websites for them. For example, you can tell them that you’ll host their website for 25 dollars a month.

Web Hosting
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Always try to make sure you offer them hosting. If the client says they want to buy it themselves, you can send them your affiliate link.

That way, they can purchase the domain name and hosting package by themselves. It’s going to do you well in the long run.

One of the reasons I prefer to host the websites for them is to have more control. You want to make as much money as you can from every client.

Additional Services help to extend the lifetime value of every client.

Website Maintenance ($100 per month)

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I’ve made a lot of websites with my own brand Success Tech Services. Website Maintenance is not just making websites for people.

You have to find a way to maintain and keep the websites updated for your clients. You can charge around $100 a month for this service.

Let’s say you’re working on a website for a plumber. Tell them that their website was built with WordPress and can crash at any time.

It is a fact that WordPress themes and plugins need to be updated. Tell your potential clients that you can maintain their website for them for $100  a month.

Make minor adjustments to the site and keep it updated. If they want you to make significant changes, you need to charge them more.

Do not sell yourself short.

SEO Services ($200 per month)

SEO Services
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Provide clients with SEO Services. Google My Business is outstanding, especially when you make websites for local businesses.

Another way is to use SEO services and buy an SEO package.  Google My Business is good for local SEO.

For example, plumbers, electricians salon, or restaurant owners. You can create a google my business profile for the client and maintain it for them.

This listing helps them with SEO because it helps them get discovered. If you want to know how to rank your clients on Google My Business, I’m going to give you a tip.

There’s a little secret called “citations” (it’s not a secret anymore).

SEO Services
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Go to Click on the search bar and type in “citations by category.” Click on the search and select the first one.

Moz is going to open up a new tab for you. If you built a website for a restaurant, for example, you would click on “Restaurants.”

Then you can see the Top Citation Sources for Restaurants. Go to them and create profiles for your client on the top sites to increase their website SEO.

Make sure the name is consistent across all of the profiles. You can maintain the profiles for them.

You can answer questions for them, post pictures for them, respond to customer reviews. You can also outsource SEO to another team.

This service is worth at least $200 a month. Let your clients know this is what’s going to get business and sales.

Let them know what it can do for their business, and the majority will take you up on the offer.

Content Writing ($240 per month)

Content Writing
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Content writing is one thing that I do for myself. You can also do it for your clients.

If certain websites that you visit have recent content, it motivates you to purchase from them. This motive is especially true for service-based businesses like a plumber, accountant, or hairdresser.

You can write blog post content for them. When you write content for businesses, it helps them rank on Google.

It helps them rank because writing content creates a new URL. Every time you write content for people, you make a unique URL.

Google sees the URL, and due to that, they begin to rank you for specific keywords. You can tell clients that every time they create a YouTube video, you will create a blog post from it.

You can always outsource this on sites like or You can charge them $240 a month and create content for them to help them rank.

Social Media Management ($300 per month)

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Another source of income with WordPress and Web Design is social media management. I use, but you can also use

I use Buffer personally; you can use the free trial if you have one client. If you have more than one client, you want to sign up for one of their paid packages.

Go to pricing and look at what they have to offer. You can tell people that you will post on their Facebook and Instagram every day and charge $300 a month.

That’s only five dollars per post for daily Facebook posts and Instagram posts. You can always duplicate the posts.

Create whatever you want to create for them and schedule the post ahead of time. Tell them that you will help maintain it in different places and comment on other authority sites and accounts.

Most people are willing to pay $300 a month for that. If the clients are too cheap, just move on.

Design ($50+ each)

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Offer your clients secondary services like logo and app design. is almost like a free version of Photoshop.

I have a video about it here. You can create logos for your clients and charge them an extra $50 for a logo.

If you make a thousand dollars from a website, you can charge them an additional $50 and make more on top of it. You can also offer secondary services like app design.

If you are a website designer, try to upgrade your services and learn more about other services. Learn more about app design. (I’m learning it right now.) It will favor you in the end.

Affiliate Marketing (Paid Per Referral)

Affiliate Marketing
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You can offer people affiliate marketing. The reason I came to Siteground is that Siteground has a good affiliate program.

Whenever a client needs something or asks where to get this or that from, give them your affiliate link. Suppose they cannot afford to use your services because you’re too expensive to offer them a link to your referral.

For example, you can become an affiliate of Fiverr. Sign up to become an affiliate with and look for different freelancers.

Copy the link, add it to your affiliate link, shorten it with and send it to your clients. They will be happy, and you will make money.

It’s a win-win situation. 

Affiliate Marketing
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Thank you so much for reading! Please leave a comment on my YouTube Video about the techniques you use to make extra money as a website designer.

If you need a website, make sure you head over to

You can also schedule an appointment with us or chat with us. When you get to the website, make sure you subscribe to notifications, so you don’t miss a post.

You can also request a call back if you don’t have time to wait on the phone line.

What are some recurring revenue affiliate programs?

Actually, there are so many programs that give you recurring revenue….
But I find click funnels affiliate program is the best affiliate program in the world that pays monthly recurring commission

What online side gigs have given you recurring revenue?

Web hosting, Website maintenance, SEO Services, Content writing, Social Media Management, Design, Affiliate Marketing.

What’s the best service for automating recurring revenue recognition?

If you’re just looking for a reporting option for something along the lines of “revenue” and “revenue per person”, revenue per day, subscriber downgrades/upgrades, etc. – I’d give a try. It’s a nice little package and definitely cleans up a lot of the problems that most companies have (assuming here, obviously) in regards to reporting what’s already going on.

Which e-commerce businesses have the strongest recurring revenue? Why?

Any business with a subscription model or strong brand loyalty. For example, is a business with a great subscription model. Patagonia clothing is a business with strong brand loyalty.

How To Make Recurring Revenue With WordPress and Web Design
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How To Make Recurring Revenue With WordPress and Web Design
Today you're going to learn seven ways to make recurring revenue with WordPress and web design. Most of you who design websites are also trying to figure out how to make extra money. When you design a website for a person, it's typically a one-time thing. If you want to make more money, consider charging a thousand dollars for a website.
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