WordPress how to edit header and Footer

How To Edit The WordPress Header

WordPress How To Edit Header And Footer. The WordPress header is one of the places where a lot of important things happen.

Scripts are called, integrations are set up and validated, stylesheets are imported, and so on.

Usually, leaving the header.php file alone is the best plan, but sometimes you have to make additions or changes. Before you make any changes, keep in mind that if you are editing the header.php file of the main theme, then updates to that theme can cause your changes to be overwritten.

How Do You Find the Header.PHP File in WordPress? 

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It’s very simple. First, from the WordPress Dashboard, you need to scroll down and look on the left-hand side.

Once you’re on the left side and have scrolled down, hover over “appearance” and click on “theme editor”. After you click on that, you’ll be in the section to edit themes.

Make sure you’re very careful when you come here.

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You will see the Header.PHP file here. If you don’t see the .PHP header file, you can just press (Ctrl+F) and type in “header”.

It will then show you where it’s located, so you just click on “Header.PHP” in the theme files. Then come and put in your edits.

Don’t Edit Your Theme Files if You Don’t Have PHP Knowledge

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Let me just warn you if you put anything in here, make sure you do the right thing. Let me just give you this warning to have at least a little bit of knowledge about PHP.

On the other hand, if you are following a guide, make sure you follow the directions. Whether it’s an app, plugin, or whatever you want to put on your site, follow the instructions.

One wrong edit can easily change something you said or even crash your site.  I always tell people to make sure you backup your site before you come in here to do anything at all.

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Before you edit the header PHP, go to where it says “theme files” for the PHP anywhere. You can hover over “plugins” and click on “add new.”

How to Backup Your WordPress Site Before Editing the Theme Files

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In the search box where it says “search plugins,”  you type in “updraft.” You’re going to need this plugin, which is the UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin.

What it’s going to do for you is help you backup your entire site.

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When I install and hover over the Updraft tab at the top, it’s going to show me the option to Backup Now. You can go right ahead and just click on backup.

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 The existing backup list has some of my backups in case anything happens. Then you can always come back to your backups list here and just restore your files to the previous settings.

Final Analysis

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In summary, please be careful at the head of the PHP area or even the theme files area period. Just be careful when making changes to it.

If you mess up anything and have no knowledge of PHP, you can destroy a beautiful site you already created. That’s why I keep telling you to make sure you backup your site before you begin editing your theme files or experiment.

Thank you so much for reading. To learn more or ask any questions, please visit my YouTube Channel and leave a comment there.

WordPress Header PHP FAQ

Where is Header.PHP in WordPress?

Log into your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance -> Editor. From this view, you can access the code of your current theme. On the right-hand side, you will see all the files in your template. Find the file titled, Header, or header.

How do I add a search box manually in a WordPress header (self-hosted)?

You can add a search box by adding the following to your header.php file.
This will bring in if you have that in your theme. If not it will generate the search form.
See get_search_form() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources
 for more details.
Note: You can also customize searchform.php.

How do you get post meta keys and meta values in PHP?

Default Usage
Get the meta for all keys:

Get the meta for a single key:

for example:
$myvals = get_post_meta($post_id);
foreach($myvals as $key=>$val)
echo $key . ‘ : ‘ . $val[0] . ‘

How do you add a viewport meta tag in WordPress?

To add this in your WordPress website go to your folder > wp-content > themes and find the header. php file from your current active child theme. and in header. php you can add this <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″> into section.

WordPress How To Edit Header And Footer
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WordPress How To Edit Header And Footer
WordPress How To Edit Header And Footer. The WordPress header is one of the places where a lot of important things happen. Scripts are...
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