Filterable Gallery For Elementor


EA Filterable Gallery for Elementor will make it simple for you to create and show a gorgeous gallery layout for your personalized contents.

How to Activate Filterable Gallery

To utilize this Essential Addons element, go to the ‘ELEMENTS’ tab and search for the ‘EA Filterable Gallery’ element. Simply drag the ‘EA Filterable Gallery for Elementor’ widget into the space labeled ‘Drag widget here.’

Filterable Gallery For Elementor

This is how the element will look when you’ve completed this step successfully:

What are the Content Settings and How Do I Change Them?

The ‘Settings’ option may be found under the ‘Content’ tab.


You may select the amount of photos to display from the ‘Settings’ menu, as well as the ‘Animation Duration.’ You may modify the ‘Image Height’ and the amount of ‘Columns’ shown. You can also choose between ‘Grid Style’ and ‘Masonry Style’.

You may pick between three distinct styles for your EA Filterable Gallery: overlay, card, and search and filter. You may also adjust the ‘Hover Style’ and ‘Hover Transition’ speed, select your ‘Lightbox’ and ‘Link’ icons, and toggle the ‘Show Popup Caption’ and ‘Full Image Clickable’ options.

Filterable Controls

You can either Disable or Enable Filter, change the ‘Gallery All Label’ and Add/ Edit/ Copy/ Delete List Items.

Gallery Items

You can individually edit the Gallery Items in your gallery. Pick an existing image from the media library or upload a new one. Insert the keyword you want the item to respond to. Type in the keyword in the Control Name field. You can also change the Item Name and Content from here.

The Gallery Lightbox and Gallery Link buttons can also be enabled or disabled. Provide a link in the URL field if the Gallery Link button is selected, and choose your chosen redirection method.

Load More Button

By enabling the ‘Load More Button’ option, you can set ‘Images Per Page’ and change the Button Texts, Size & Alignment.

How to Make a Filterable Gallery for Elementor Look Good

Move on to the ‘Style’ tab to style all the elements of Filterable Gallery for Elementor.

General Style

From ‘General Style’ section, you are able to change the ‘Background Color’ of Filterable Gallery. If you want, you can even add a ‘Border Type’ and then modify its styling as well. You can even add ‘Box Shadow’ as well.


Filterable Gallery for Elementor Style tab gives you the opportunity to modify the appearance of the whole gallery as per your wish. You will have the flexibility to add styling to the Control, Item, Icons & Load More Button.

In addition, you may style the hover view for both Item and Video items. Furthermore, you may alter the typography of the material.

Final Result

You may customize your Filterable Gallery for Elementor material to your liking by following the basic procedures and tweaking them a little.

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