Houston Ecommerce SEO

At Success Tech Services, our Houston Ecommerce SEO team works with a number of ecommerce-targeted SEO practices that are designed to facilitate the organic growth you’re looking for.

How Does Ecommerce SEO Work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s rankings on search engine results. Through steady technical and development work, optimized content development, and outreach efforts, your site can become a powerhouse, leading to significant growth for your ecommerce store.

  • Increased visibility leads to increased brand exposure / awareness
  • Increased traffic leads to higher conversions and revenue
Houston Ecommerce SEO Company


Handling an SEO campaign for an ecommerce brand is more about putting emphasis into key areas to help a site progress. Standard SEO operating procedures are still going to apply to an ecommerce business (ie: Technical and development website work, optimized copy on-site and external outreach efforts), however it’s important that any strategic efforts help convert users to customers. Strategy may center more around opportunities to address user experience tasks that may help inspire shoppers to shop, keywords that focus on finding the right audience and crafting outreach opportunities that help people find your site.

We’re firm believers that ecommerce stores absolutely need SEO to stand out at the forefront of their industry. Capitalizing on rankings for related key terms is essential to obtaining more site traffic and boosting a site’s ability for sales.

Probably- while the average business owner or marketing manager can get a solid jump on SEO best practices for their e-commerce store, ongoing management, maintenance, and active promotion of an e-commerce store is complicated and time consuming. It requires design, development, copy, CRO strategies, and more to be successful.

We wouldn’t necessarily price differently between an ecommerce store and a lead generation business, for example. While our approach and project recommendations will vary, we always recommend pricing based on exactly what a business needs. If we spot areas for additional opportunity, we often note that to our clients and make recommendations so that they’re able to select what works best for their budget.

Working with skilled team members capable of delivering an effective SEO campaign will be key if you want a successful SEO campaign. Having confident, capable development staff and SEO technicians able to identify and correct issues with your website are first on the list. Second, you will need a team member capable of producing content that is both sales driven and well-optimized. In addition to this you’ll need someone able to create links back to your website from industry-relevant platforms. Outside of this, making sure any individuals you are working with are receiving regular, ongoing training from industry mentors will also be key. Anyone working on your campaign must be able to identify areas for improvement and be able to bridge those gaps for you quickly whilst staying current with the ever-evolving industry trends.

Search engines are still the major internet conduit of traffic and business. If you’re operating an e-commerce store, e-commerce SEO helps you identify keywords related to the purchase and sale of your products, rank well in front of eager to purchase consumers, which in turn drives revenue growth.