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eCommerce SEO Best Practices (Top 4 Factors)

Today you’re going to learn the top four eCommerce SEO best practices to boost your online store traffic in 2021.

Domain Authority

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Number one is domain authority. I know many of you guys who own e-commerce stores or plan to own e-commerce stores don’t typically think about domain authority for your e-commerce stores.

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You need to use content marketing to gain backlinks, but you can’t just go over to someone’s to like an authority site and say, oh, I want you to link back to my product. No one is going to do that for you.

So you need to create blogs, and then those blogs have to help people, and then from there, you can ask for those backlinks and get them.

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For example, if you head over to It is a mattress company in the united states.

If you want to see what they do, head over to the blog and just click on the blog, you will see they have created some blogs. These blogs kind of give you some tips.

So think about your product and what you sell as your product and think about what you can offer people. Let’s say you sell things that deal with like dog food or dog-like anything done with pets.

You can give people tips on what to know, how to groom their dogs, what to feed your dog at this particular time, best dog treats for Christmas, best grooming services, and all of that, and you can create those blogs, and from there you can go ask to send authority websites to link back to you.

Product Page Optimization

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Number two is the product page optimization. If you head over to Amazon, for example, one thing Amazon does very well, and I don’t believe Amazon has a blog in particular.

Still, Amazon does very well; if you look at the Amazon product pages you see, it looks pretty nice. I understand that Amazon doesn’t typically sell all these products by themselves, they have private sellers to send to them, and then they fulfill it and all of that, but there are certain ways to get your product page optimized.

So there are three things to do.

  • Add Modifiers
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You need to add modifiers to your title tags. For example, if you look at the Amazon ad in the above picture, many different things, sharks VM, etc., are added in the title.

Let’s say you’re not as big as Amazon. You can add different things like know free shipping, cheap deals, reviews, and add all of that to your product titles, and if you do that, then it’s going to make it easier for Google to look at the modifiers access it pretty easy for you.

  • Magnet Words
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Another thing you can do is that you can add magnet words. You can use words like guarantee, 25% off, and things like that.

You can see in the above picture amazon has this; you save 20%. So this increases the click-through rate for you.

This makes people go ahead and check out your page.

  • Description
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Another tip, which is the third tip on this the second factor is your description. Make sure you put in very nice long descriptions, and when you put in the description, don’t put in stuff like green, black sweeps, and things like that.

No, make sure you put in certain things that make sense. Before you publish these products onto your site, I believe the best description number you can put is at least a thousand words, and make sure it contains the keywords you want your product to rank for.

Site Architecture

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The number three-factor is site architecture. If you head over to a place like, one thing they have is they have good site architecture.

What do I mean by this? It means that it should be easy for your customers on your home page to be able to head over to the product page as fast as possible. 

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They don’t need all the whole bunch of steps or different things like that. No, they click on the product; it takes them to either category, or it just takes them directly to the product page.

So make sure it doesn’t take them a whole lot. They have to go through all different things.

When you’re advertising your website, make sure you’re sending the traffic directly to your product pages because this is what people will buy. People are not going to buy your home page.

They’re going to purchase the products, and that’s what you’re trying to sell.

Google Merchant

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Now number four is a free tool from Google. It is called google merchant or google shopping.

Let’s say you head over to google and type in something like dog food for sale. You’re going to see products in pop up.

This means that the stores that sell these products have their sites a bit already have google merchant on them. So the sites are google merchants optimized. You need to do this.

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I already have a $20 course that shows how to do it. You can see that tutorial with this link. It’s very in-depth. It’s going to teach you how to get your products there. It’s free, so make sure you watch it and utilize google merchant.

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What are the best techniques for off-page SEO?

Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Blog Commenting
Forum Commenting

What is the top 3 SEO strategy for E-commerce sites?

1. It’s not one time job. SEO isn’t a one-time event. Search engine algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that worked last year may not work this year. SEO requires a long-term outlook and commitment.
2. Patient is the key. SEO isn’t about instant gratification. Results often take months to appear, and this is especially true the smaller you are, and the newer you are to doing business online.
3. Have web analytics in place at the start. You should have clearly defined goals for your SEO efforts, and you’ll need web analytics software in place so you can track what’s working and what’s not.

What are your 5 best SEO practices for eCommerce?

Keyword research
You should dig deep into keyword research for eCommerce. Your keywords should be based on the products & the location it is been sold.
URL optimization
Optimize your URL based on breadcrumbs, it should have the product category, sub-category, product, brand, & so on. This allows for efficient navigation by the user while Google crawls it better.
Product images & description
Upload high-quality product images with a suitable description with the keyword that explains the product to the customers.
Give a clear CTA at the right spots
Use buy now options on the product page, add to cart option to every product to enable customer purchases.
Keep the checkout simple
Allowing customers to buy your product without any hassle is important for your business. Make the customer checkout as simple as possible, allow for guest checkout options.

Can someone provide the best 2021 SEO checklist for an eCommerce website?

1. Localization
2. SEO title
3. Image and video optimization
4. Page Load Time
5. Unique content
6. Site structure
7. Structured data
9. Mobile Friendly
10. Canonical tags

ECommerce SEO Best Practices
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Today you're going to learn the top four eCommerce SEO best practices to boost your online store traffic in 2021. Number one is domain auth...
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