Best Online Site to Learn Web Development: Top 8

best online site to learn web development

In today’s overcrowded employment market, picking the appropriate occupation is critical. So what is the best online site to learn web development? This article lists the top 8 accordingly.

However, choosing a career is tough since there are various factors to consider, such as if it matches you well, whether it makes you happy, the income, working hours, perks, and so on.

In comparison, web development appears to be one of the best options. The following are some of the reasons why individuals wish to learn web development:

  • The yearly pay varies from $26.533 to $109.845 on average (in the USA).
  • Web developers are in great demand all across the world, and demand (as well as the average wage) is increasing. This gives you the freedom to go to another country or work as a freelancer.
  • According to statistical projections, strong growth will continue in 2019-2022.

You can learn anything these days, including Spanish and literature, economics, Google Shopping Ads, and the building of multi-vendor websites.

But, before you join up for any web development school, let’s have a look at the many courses available to save money and time by studying web development online for free.

Let’s get started with our list!


Coursera is a massive online course catalog where you may quickly locate the web development course you need. The courses are developed in collaboration with prestigious colleges and educational institutions, and they are tailored to meet the needs of the top instructors and follow best practices.

The comprehensive filtering mechanism allows students to select not only the subject and topic, but also the course’s degree and level, the institution that offers the online course, the language, length, and other factors.
The subjects and levels range from Johns Hopkins University’s easy HTML/CSS/JS starter course to more advanced Ruby on Rails and Angular JS courses for intermediates.

Finally, one of the wonderful things about Coursera is that you get an online certificate as formal proof of completion that you can add to your CV.


For newcomers to web development, Codecademy is akin to the Bible. These online courses are based on the world’s 15 most popular programming languages and offer the essential fundamental information you’ll need to get started. The majority of the courses begin at the beginning, establishing variables and providing basic code concepts. If you want to study web programming for free, I believe this is the greatest alternative.

Following the HMTL/CSS training, there are JS courses, which lead to advanced Node JS courses. Back-end classes, such as Ruby or Ruby on Rails, are also available here.

In Codecademy, each course is broken into pieces. Each portion is broken down into smaller sections, each of which has its own set of challenges to test your understanding. The majority of the courses also feature a final test to determine your proficiency.

Codecademy, on the other hand, exclusively awards certificates to students who complete Pro Intensive programs.


In collaboration with prominent IT businesses such as Google, AT&T, Github, Amazon, and others, Udacity offers fantastic free online courses. As Udacity provides a variety of courses, from simple HTML5/CSS training to condensed web development courses using Javascript, Backbone.js, and other technologies, the course levels range from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

Udacity has a strong focus on practice, which anybody who has studied computer science or web development will attest is a huge benefit. The sessions are completely interactive, with videos and quizzes to test your knowledge and verify your comprehension every now and then. The majority of the courses are also backed up by a large and supportive student community. Some courses additionally require students to complete mid-course projects for a more hands-on learning experience.

Udacity does not issue certificates because it exclusively offers non-degree courses.


W3Schools is never going to be a location where you can study web programming and become a pro. It’s not the case.

W3Schools, on the other hand, might be quite useful if you’re a complete newbie who is still learning the fundamentals. There are tutorials for HTML, CSS, JS, BootStrap, and XML.

Each instruction is presented in plain, non-technical language so that even folks with no prior coding skills may follow along. The subjects are reinforced with a collection of short assignments that encourage the user to apply what they’ve learned.

Udemy 1

Udemy is a large school that provides courses in a wide range of subjects, including health, music, photography, and programming.

The majority of Udemy courses are expensive, but there are a few free ones that are enough for starting started. The filtering mechanism will, of course, help you locate the type you’re searching for.

The themes and levels of the free courses range from HTML5, CSS3, and Angular JS to PHP and MySQl development.

Udemy is ideal for those with hectic schedules since the courses come with lifelong access, allowing you to study them at your leisure and effortlessly return to where you left off the next time. However, this reduces the urgency of learning: you may put off studying web development online indefinitely and eventually forget about it.

Alison 1

Alison is a large skill-building website that offers courses in anything from languages to lifestyle to web development. Because the website’s creators believe that free education is the foundation of development, all of the courses are completely free.

You will, however, have to pay for a certificate if you require one.

There are three different levels of courses to pick from. Students can also choose courses depending on their learning goals, such as academics, professional growth, or personal development.

To make the process more engaging, the course materials mostly comprise of audio and video lectures. CSS3, HTML5, and JS, as well as Angular, Node, and other web development subjects, are covered in this course.


For those who prefer video lessons, FreeCodeCamp is the place to go. It’s a YouTube channel with a ton of video tutorials in HTML, CSS, PHP, Node JS, Python, and other popular programming languages and frameworks.

The channel’s videos are appropriate for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students.

Each video is generally 1 – 3 hours long and addresses a single subject or topic, such as installation procedures, setting up code blocks, executing the code, and so on.



edX is ideal for those of you who enjoyed college and are considering going to graduate school. It’s as close to taking a web development course on campus as you can get.

If you want to take a serious academic web development course, edX is the place to go. Edx provides both degree and non-degree courses from prestigious colleges including MIT, UC Berkeley, Harvard University, and the Sorbonne, among others.

With the university syllabus and related assignments, examinations, and exams, EdX courses deliver a real classroom experience.

Each course description includes extensive information on the course, such as the average course length, average effort, subject, language, and the institution that delivers the course, among other things.

The University of California’s Ruby on Rails curriculum is one of the most popular web development courses.

Did you figure out the best online site to learn web development?

I almost forgot to ask you one crucial question. Why are you attempting to study web development over the internet? Are you seeking for a means to design a website for your business or blog, or are you just looking for a way to make a living doing it?

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Did this article respond to your Google search for “best online site to learn web development”? Have you chosen the best course for you? Then it’s time to get started on your journey to become a web developer. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments area below which website you think is the best for learning web development.

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