Best AI Note Taking App (My 3 Favorites!)

In today’s post, we will explore the top AI note-taking apps that are ideal for professionals in corporate settings or running agencies. These apps offer advanced features to help you efficiently take and organize notes during meetings for easy reference.

Let’s dive into the details of each recommended app. is the first app on our list, offering a comprehensive solution for notetaking during meetings. With, you can upload and store recordings of your meetings for future reference.

The platform provides an intuitive dashboard where you can manage your meetings, view highlights, and add comments to specific parts of the discussions.


The next app we recommend is Tl;dv, which offers both a web app and a Chrome extension for seamless notetaking and organization. With Tl;dv, you can upload meeting recordings, create clips, and generate AI reports summarizing key points discussed during the meetings.

The app also allows you to tag different parts of the meetings for easy reference and integrates with popular tools like Slack, Salesforce, and Notion.


Lastly, we have Fathom, a desktop app that integrates directly with Zoom to enhance your meeting note-taking experience. Fathom offers a simple yet effective dashboard where you can start test calls, record meetings, and extract action items from the discussions.

The app provides a summary of the meeting purpose, key takeaways, and topics discussed, making it easier to review and share important information post-meeting.

Don’t forget to share your feedback on these AI note-taking apps and let us know which ones you prefer the most. Thank you for reading and remember to share this post with your colleagues who could benefit from these innovative tools.